Below is a partial list of links to companies we have been fortunate to work with, or out of their facilities:

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AVL is well known for providing test cells and engineering support in Europe and rapidly growing in the North American market.  In addition to providing services, they also manufacture test cell equipment including, emissions benches, dynamometers, indicating equipment, and specialized software.

A large company, but of particular interest to us are their products related to diesel engines including modern common rail fuel systems and engine control modules.

CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board
CARB was formed by California's legislature to conduct research in the area of air pollution.

Continental is another large company, but of interest to us is their modern diesel common rail fuel systems and control modules which they took over from Siemens.

Corning is another large company, but of particular interest to us are the substrates which they provide for automotive catalysts.

Eaton Corporation is a diverse company and a leader in many areas including medium-duty hybrid technologies.

FEV is another large European engineering company growing in the United States.  They provide test cells and engineering services to the automotive industry. 

Ford is a large automaker dedicated to protecting the environment and in doing so has developed world class diesel engines.

John DeereJohn Deere
John Deere is a large company which makes products for residential users as well as large construction and agricultural equipment.

JMTJohnson Matthey Testing
JMT provides test facilities.  They are especially noted for their aging and durability cells.

Produces International branded trucks and manufactures award winning medium-duty diesel engines.

A Michigan based non-profit helping to advance energy technologies.

Pi Innovo
Pi Innovo is a provider of flexible open ECU's and software for the automotive industry.

SwRISouthwest Research Institute
SwRI is a large nonprofit research and development organization covering a wide range of research areas.  One of the many research areas is engine emissions.

USCARUnited States Council for Automotive Research
USCAR is a collaborative council formed by Chrysler, Ford, and GM to research and develop advance technologies which will help give the US automakers a competitive advantage.  One of their main areas of research involves protecting the environment.

USDOEUnited States Department of Energy
The DOE is responsible for promoting energy security for the United States and provides funds and research in this area.

EPAUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment.  They help protect us by mandating appropriate emissions standards for the automotive industry. 

Volvo Truck Corporation
Volvo Truck is the second largest producer of heavy trucks.  They produce excellent trucks and diesel engines and have demonstrated a commitment to protecting the environment.

Below is a list of links to other useful websites:

DieselNet is an excellent online information service for diesel emissions.

Diesel Progress
Diesel Progress is an excellent publication for diesel related information.

The MathWorks
They are the software provider for the successful MATLAB product which is invaluable in the engineering world.

Society of Automotive Engineers
SAE is an organization which helps engineers communicate and develops relevant standards for the automotive industry.